🌻 Welcome, I'm Bella!

More About Me

As someone who grew up enjoying all forms of media from fantasy novels to animated movies to bullet journaling, I developed a keen interest in creative storytelling. This passion has fueled my interest for my future endeavors, such as writing and design. With this in mind, I hope to pursue a career in Product Marketing and Sales Enablement after graduation.

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Technical Skills

  • Microsoft Suite 95%
  • Adobe CC 90%
  • HTML/CSS 80%

A few fun facts:


My Filipino Culture

With my roots from the lovely island of the Philippines, I love immersing in my culture through foods, music, and family.


I am a Saggitarius sun, Capricorn rising, and a Leo Moon. Though I'm not the most educated in star signs, I still love to read about my daily horoscopes.


Life as a mediator

My meyer briggs personality is "INFP," which highlights my imaginative–yet quiet–inner thoughts and feelings.


Music is my lifeline

It's hard for me to sit in silence, hence my obsession with music and Spotify. My favorite song right now is "Spite" by Omar Apollo.